Process-based Project
Management for High Quality

At Verbo Translations, we manage the workflow following a process-based methodology, in line with ISO 9001 principles and ISO 17100/18587 certified. This covers all steps along the translations process, from the reception of the material to be translated and its specifications to the delivery and archiving of our work, going through the evaluation and onboarding of our human resources.


Our procedures have been gradually perfected over the past 20 years with quality on center stage, to guarantee that every critical matter in the translation process is consistently addressed, project by project, to retain knowledge and to constantly train all resources involved in our workflow.


Account Manager, Project Manager, Translator, Editor, Proofreader, Post-Editor, and Language Lead, every role has clearly-defined responsibilities in the process of servicing our clients.


All the data needed to perform our work in this structured way is recorded in our proprietary Project Management System. The information about each translation project can be retrieved within seconds, which allows every member in the Verbo team to keep track of it.

By working in this highly organized and standardized
way, we can assure you that we will consistently:

Analyze and process all projects systematically

Our AMs and PMs follow a standard process in order to guarantee that all files and specifications are recorded and taken into account during production, double-checked in our QC before delivery, and recorded for future reference as part of the accounts language assets, if applicable

Assign each project to language professionals with the right set of skills and knowledge

In addition, when Verbo manages accounts with regular workflow, we establish a dedicated primary and secondary team of linguists for each account, in order to improve the quality delivered project after project

Follow the specifications for every account

We build account-specific language assets (TM, glossary, style guide, etc.) which are constantly updated by the primary teams, based on their terminology research, and by the Language Leads in charge of handling the client´s instructions, as well as query responses and final QC performance. Our Knowledge Retention strategy allows us to maintain consistency across projects.

Conduct quality control before delivery

All deliveries are verified by our in-house team of Language Leads, who will verify that all deliverables are correct and that the linguists in charge of the project have adhered to the account-specific assets and followed the project-specific instructions

Deliver on-time, every time

In our more than 20 years in the industry, we have handled tens of thousands of projects for hundred of clients. Therefore, we know how essential it is that each project hoes through its multiple phases seamlessly. Punctual delivery is one of the key metrics we monitor.

Process client feedback

This allows us to continuously increase account-specific knowledge and enhance our processes for improved quality.

The Verbo Network

HR Selection as per ISO 17100 and 18587 requirements

To be part of our team, linguists must comply with the qualifications and competences set by ISO standards, among other considerations:

  • University degree in translation or linguistic studies.
  • Specialized background with 2+ years of translation experience.
  • Ability to use CAT tools and QA applications.
  • Passing a strict, subject-related translation test.
  • Completing a rigorous onboarding process.
  • Sustained performance.


We employ a mix of in-house and freelance resources, which allows us to use experts in your project’s field, while maintaining thorough in-house control over the final quality. This mix is ideally suited to offer fast response times and high scalability capabilities to tackle demanding projects in condensed time frames at a fair price.

When you work with us, you will access a varied pool of highly specialized linguists skilled in a diverse range of fields where specific technical knowledge and terminology may be required.

Ongoing evaluation

We provide constant feedback to our linguists, and have a rigorous quality scoring system in place, with standards drawn from the LISA methodology. Additionally, we keep track of other key KPIs, such as on-time delivery and non-conformances. Based on all the information gathered, our PMs and LLs can closely monitor the performance of every member of our team.

Long-lasting working relationships

While expanding our network of resources is key to our goal of maintaining quality at an affordable price, we have a more than 5-year working relationship with most of the linguists we work with. When you choose us as your partner, you will have peace of mind that we have a deep level of understanding of the capabilities and expertise of each linguist involved in your projects, something very few agencies can offer.

If you would like to know more about our linguist
and how we evaluate them, please contact us.

Information Security
Embedded in our Processes

We understand that the translation industry involves a constant exchange and handling of information, much of which is sensitive or confidential in nature. At Verbo Translations, we embed information security in the design and implementation of all of our processes, procedures, and tasks, by taking this important matter into consideration at all times. We view information security as a fundamental component of the service we offer our clients and we acknowledge this in our Quality Policy.

Some of the most important information security principles and actions Verbo Translations adopts include:

  • Information is shared following a strict “need-to-know” basis: We try to minimize the number of people who can access each file involved in a translation project. As soon as the “need-to-know” expires, access is removed or reduced to the corresponding individual.
  • We use encrypted transfer/messaging services: to transfer potentially sensitive or confidential information.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements: All the people who collaborate with the company and who have access to the company’s or clients’ information, sign a nondisclosure agreement before accessing any information that may be considered confidential or sensitive.
  • Client information is used for its intended purpose: We do not use client information for purposes other than translating their projects.
  • Training on information security principles: We provide training and recommendations on this topic to our service providers.

If you would like to know more about our Information Security processes, please contact us. We are ready to accommodate any special security needs you might have.